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The supply chain includes raw milk suppliers, dairy farms, processing plant, warehouses, and customers. It mainly emphasis on production and distribution of dairy goods. Dairy chain links the producers and the customers, with each step the product increases in value.

A dairy firm may overcome challenges by streamlining business processes and implementing innovative technology. Dairy businesses can now make better day-to-day decisions to strengthen milk procurement, production, and supply chain solutions because to advances in technology and increasing access to data.

Less profit margins, product quality checks, adapting to modern technology & changes, future of supply management, increasing demands, family living costs, cattle management and health issues, expensive feed, timely transportation, etc.

Supply chain in dairy industry is a start to end process from setting up dairy farm, milk production, herd management, milk processing, trasportation, and make dairy products avaible for people in stores. It is a process of managing the upstream & downstream value-added flow of dairy products.

Dairytech.ai is an integrated suite to help dairy farmers manage complete farm business of dairy supply chain. We help our clients navigate through their problems and reach at better and optimized level of business management with modern technology.