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  • Wipe out bad debit with our point of delivery payment collection.

  • Eliminate hours of cash collection and admin with automatic payments.

  • Automatic stock reconciliation.

  • Online order amendment, so no more handwritten notes.

  • Acquire customers online.

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Press Release

Feb 23, 2022

Startup Uses AI to Automate the Milk Supply Chain

Marking a paradigm shift in delivering milk to end consumers in a contactless way, Startup DairtyTech.ai has introduced an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled application that will help dairy distributors and retailers carry out their businesses seamlessly even in pandemic times.

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Find out how Dairytech can help you become a globally connected
super-networker, whether working from home or office.

Dairytech.ai is an integrated suite to help dairy farmers manage complete farm business of dairy supply chain. We help our clients navigate through their problems and reach at better and optimized level of business management with modern technology.

Supply chain in dairy industry is a start to end process from setting up dairy farm, milk production, herd management, milk processing, trasportation, and make dairy products avaible for people in stores. It is a process of managing the upstream & downstream value-added flow of dairy products.

The supply chain includes raw milk suppliers, dairy farms, processing plant, warehouses, and customers. It mainly emphasis on production and distribution of dairy goods. Dairy chain links the producers and the customers, with each step the product increases in value.