Dairytech Provides a Platform for Dairy Farms to Connect with Efficient Goods Transportation and Tracking to Move Milk and Dairy Products From One Plant to Another.

Freight Management

Finding a suitable transportation service is essential.

To Ensure That All Logistics Processes Are Completed Efficiently

Easily accessible haulers to move milk from plant to plant or from farms to processing plants. Find the experts for haul cost analysis and benchmarking to help you get hauler pay right.

The Dairy Sector is Expanding and Projected to Grow At a Rate of 1.8% Per Year Over the Next Years, to 177 Million Tons of Powdered Milk by 2025.

These huge demands require timely supply as time is the key factor for successful transportation from Plant to Plant (P2P) or Farm to Plant (F2P).

Start A Project

Managing Milk Hauling is Not an Easy Task

Managing schedules, order updates, timely payments, streamlined communication between drivers and plants, a complete optimized milk hauling process to reduce any manual errors or possible communication concerns.

Milk Dispatch

A robust setup to reduce guesswork and mistakes out of the process

Transportation Consulting

Dairytech.ai helps you make the right decision of finding the right hauling services and manage the complete milk run process efficiently.

Dairy Farmers Have Found Solutions For:

  • Dairy Business Planning
  • Pooling Strategy and Execution
  • Plant Process Simulation and Optimization
  • Milk Hauling Costs and Optimization
  • Plant Milk Intake Operations
  • Dairy Farm Finance and Feasibility
  • Pretender Health and Safety Plan