Track Deliveries in the Milk Supply Chain with
Delivery Management Software and Milk Delivery App

Give your Dairy Business an Online Presence with a Milk Distribution App

Online Order Management

Easily manageable orders from your customers/distributors. All subscription-based orders are tracked, updated through the dashboard.

Simplified Process of Receiving, Tracking, and Fulfilling Orders

  • Direct Online Orders From Customers.
  • Automatic Order Assignment to the Driver.
  • Order Dispatch Updates to Customers.
  • Electronic Proof of Delivery.

Automated Billing, Statements, and Payments

All payments history, pending payments, invoices, statements - all data managed via the dashboard. It reduces the chance of miscommunication and miscalculation.

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Optimized Routes Lead to Quick Deliveries

Optimal routes mean your drivers spend less time driving, which reduces fuel costs and can increase the number of stops a driver can make in a day. Optimized routes for quick deliveries as time is the essence in milk delivery. Manage all delivery schedules, delivery areas, delivery boys in one place.

Route Optimization

Cost-efficient routes for easy and hassle-free deliveries.

Reporting and Analytics

Manage the data for subscribed deliveries of the dairy products.

Paying Producers Accurately And On Time is Essential

An easy way of managing complete data reports and analyzing them for future growth. The user-friendly tool helps in optimizing the whole business, from keeping an eye on inventory to viewing the real-time performance of dairy farm products.