How to Manage Customer Disputes in Dairy Business?

Believe it or not, customer experience can have a serious impact on your sound business. According to the “Qaultrics XM Institute,” A good customer service experience heavily impacts recommendations. 94% of consumers who give a company a “very good” CX rating is likely to recommend that company. Therefore, it is important to know the customer satisfaction scores for the business to grow.

What are customer disputes?

Customer disputes are mainly caused due to the lack of transparency between the business and the customer. In other words, customer disputes are the result of miscommunication between the customer and the business. 

Why do customer disputes happen?

  1. Disputes over invoices- Manual order management can involve human errors while creating invoices and lead to conflict in the amount calculated by the customer and the business. Lack of proof of order delivery can lead to a contradiction between the customer and the business. Contradictions over invoices decrease customer satisfaction and increase churn rate.
  2. Delayed deliveries- There are reasons for delayed deliveries like- delay in order allocation and dispatch, delivery person’s confusion of the delivery location, or failure to take the shortest path. Delays in deliveries make customers uncomfortable and reduce customer gratification. 
  3. Limited payment options- Limited payment methods limit the customer’s payment experience and cause inconvenience to customers. A strict payment process lowers customer satisfaction scores and customer retention.   
  4. Lack of transparency while delivering- The delivery person and the customer, are not connected directly in manual operations. Lack of communication makes customers anxious regarding their orders. Customers are unaware of the status of their order and the estimated time of arrival (ETA). The absence of order delivery status to customers results in low customer satisfaction scores.   
  5. Rigid order modification, cancelation, and rescheduling process- The customers make phone calls or inform the delivery boy a day prior to modify the order manually. It is a tedious task for businesses to update the orders and might involve human errors as well. As a  result, the order is delivered wrongly. This eventually leads to a bad customer experience and increases the churn rate. 
  6. Unable to handle customer queries- Businesses unable to handle customer queries related to orders (return queries, order mismatch, unavailability of receiving the order, and order being wrongly delivered) result in low customer satisfaction. Lack of right customer service can increase the churn rate and reduce your revenue.   

What are the possible solutions to deal with customer disputes?

  1. Automated order summary and invoice- This order summary and invoice should be automatically generated and sent to the customers. The record of the payment status should also be updated once the customer has made the payment. 
  2. Multiple payment options- Customers can pay in multiple ways like through an app or link-based invoice sent via mail or sms. Offering multiple payment methods give customers flexibility in making payments and increase customer lifetime value
  3. Real-time ETA- The customer must be able to keep track of his orders and have zero error ETAs. This makes the customers content about their orders. The customers should be able to contact the delivery person in case of any delayed delivery. Thus, increasing transparency and building trust among customers.   
  4. Easily modify, cancel, or reschedule the order- The customer must be able to modify, cancel or reschedule his order on his own. This removes the chances of human error while making changes to the order. This ensures hassle-free order modification that aids in increasing the customer experience and reducing the churn rate. 

How can these solutions be implied?

  1. Automated transactional statement- Automated transactional statement should be sent to the customer depending on the payment option of the customer. This prevents future mismatches in the payment.
  2. Multiple payment methods- Customers can pay in multiple ways like via an app or link-based invoice sent by mail or sms. Offering multiple payment methods give customers flexibility in making payments. 
  3. Automated order amendment updates- Customers should be able to add, update, cancel, pause, and resume repeat orders via the website or mobile applications. Any change in the order should be automatically updated on the admin panel. This reduces the chance of human errors to nil and enhances the customer experience.
  4. Feedback- Feedback, and ratings from the customers help to determine the performance of the business. This allows businesses to understand their lacking area and make improvements. Doing this will help in increasing your customer satisfaction score and reduce the churn rate.
  5. Don’t let these issues come in the way! 

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