5 Ways To Add Value in Dairy Industry with ERP Software

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What really differentiates modern dairy business techniques from contemporary ways? It is that the former has become more customer oriented and diligent towards the ecosystem than before. The dairy businesses today, are seeking technologies that can be more economical, efficient and require less hand-holding.

Milk round management software thus works towards streamlining the entire process of distribution that encompasses a major part of the dairy business. It automates day-to-day procedures, allowing the dairy owners to manage the operations better and reduce the chances of error. Before one invests in this software, understanding it is important. 

Therefore, below listed are the 6 ways milk round software can add value to the dairy business:

1) Automate Milk Subscription & Distribution:

  • Shifting business operations to automation mode allows dairy owners to streamline processes to a great extent. This allows them to easily handle important operations of subscription-based repetitive orders like 
    • Tracking milk bottles delivered 
    • Managing empty bottle history. 
    • Milk containers collection
  • Live driver tracking is also induced to empower the dairy owner with complete control of the distribution.
  • Auto-dispatch identifies and overcomes inefficiency that leads to delivery-related issues. With geofencing, it determines the appropriate vehicle and driver along with the best suitable route to manage the order dispatch better.

2) Helps to Improve CSAT(customer satisfaction):

  • Satisfied customer rate depends upon more than a single factor; on-time delivery is one of them, especially in the case of milk delivery. With milk round route optimization, the owner can cut down on delivery time with shorter paths and manage distribution processes.
  • The entire process from updated notification to invoice generation to the feedback of the dairy can now be performed via a single solution that not only saves time but also ensures lesser chances of error and a better customer experience.
  • In addition to this, increased transparency with proof of delivery when the milk is delivered can also reduce regular disputes, thus enhancing customers’ trust in the brand. This increased loyalty leads to higher NPA (Net Promoter Score).

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3) Helps in Sustainability:

  • Stepping up and implementing sustainable practices requires reduced fuel consumption that can be achieved through optimized routes while doorstep milk delivery.
  • Discarding manual data handling also makes it possible to go paperless while keeping a track of – customers, orders, bottles (delivered, broken, or yet to be collected), and all kinds of data. This will result in minimized CO2 emissions. 
  • Automation of operations can make business processes more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable.

Milk round management thus helps to build a strong ecosystem by inducing a solution that is not just an add-on but mandatory to go net-zero.

4) Enhances Scalability & Business Presence:

  • Expanding the reach of a dairy business is made easier with remote access to the entire business and automation of all the operations. This saves a lot of time to strategize about the future prospects of the dairy business.
  • A feature like Multistore and warehouse management also allows one to perform micro-management with greater ease.

5) Improves Payment Cashflow:

  • Collecting payment from credit customers is also easier with – wallet, postpaid, auto-debit and cash-on-delivery options provided to the user.
  • Customers and dairy owners both can view already paid and pending payments to avoid any kind of confusion.

In conclusion, Dairy owners must have milk round software to reduce costs, offer a better customer experience, to promote sustainability. Moreover, With the help of this software dairy owners can make their business streamlined, managed and efficient with minimal manual effort.