Challenges in Order Management- How can you resolve them?

Are you still managing your orders manually? Then keep reading! You’ll be able to relate to specific scenarios and learn how we can help streamline your business. 

Order Management is also known as the order-to-cash process. The process involves placing a new order/ modifying the existing order/cancelling the order by the customer, accepting the order, picking, tracking, and shipping the order.     

In short, order management includes the whole process from the customer placing the order till the order gets shipped for delivery. 


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In 2021, economic sales have increased by 44%, as a result, businesses are under greater pressure to fulfil the order demand in less time and without increasing the budget. 

Before we dive into the solutions, let’s discuss; 

5 top challenges businesses face in manual order management:

Lack of inventory insight

While managing the business manually, it is tedious to calculate the available inventory and total inventory required to fulfil the orders. Sudden on-demand orders complicate the calculations exposing them to human errors. These complications result in unclear data on inventory required in the future. This eventually leads to either excess or shortage of inventory, incurring losses. 

Issues in manual order modification

Customers place their orders via call, text msg, email, or whatsapp msg where there the chances of miscommunication. Also, lack of time or call connection issues makes it difficult for customers to modify their orders. Manual modifications are prone to human errors resulting in delivering wrong orders or the wrong quantity of the orders. Customers can refuse to accept the order leading to wastage of the product and decreasing your customer satisfaction score. 

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Inaccuracy in manual data entry

Manual order management involves entering the customer details, order details, and the delivery address manually on excel which can be fallible. Any data wrongly entered can lead to wrong order delivery, delivery to the wrong address, or to the wrong person. Any of these can result in the rejection of the order. Errors in data can lead to the wastage of products and also affect the customer experience negatively.   

Lack of transparency while delivering the order

Customers and delivery persons are not in direct contact and real-time ETA is not available in manual handling. This can make customers anxious about their order resulting in a bad customer experience and decreasing customer lifetime value. 

Issues in on-demand order fulfillment

Some of the products might require time to prepare the product or stock out due to which they cannot be delivered on demand. Customers ordering such products on-demand can face rejection of the orders from the business’s end which leads to lowering customer gratification.   

How automation can resolve this issue?

Managing on-demand and subscription order details, modifying orders, and calculating future stock requirements manually can become a source of continual pain in the neck.

Automating your order management process is a great way to resolve manual order management issues. Automated order management software can help you in automating the whole order-to-cash process while providing real-time inventory insights. 

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