Ways to Streamline Order Management in Dairy Business

With the rising horizon of the digital era, automated management has made manual tasks more straightforward and efficient. And of course, automated order management is no exception.

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Automated order management system

An automated order management system is a software program that integrates with the online store and automates the order processing workflow. In other terms, it is referred to as an automated order-to-cash process. 

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Ways how you can automate your order management system

Automated order Fulfillment

Customers can place, edit or cancel their orders from the customers’ application. The order placement update is automatically sent to the delivery person and the business. All the details of the customer and order (new order, modified order, cancelled order, and paused subscription order) are automatically added to the admin panel and delivery application. 

The system generates a stock report that allows businesses to get the detail of the inventory present and the inventory required for fulfilling the order. The automated order summary is generated and can be accessed on all three platforms- the admin panel, delivery application, and customers’ application. 

The system uses CRM and ERP software to maintain the details of the customers and orders and stocks respectively. 

According to Gartner, “Customer data and analytics are the top priority for achieving customer service and support goals in 2023.”

Automated notifications 

Automated notifications via push, email, and sms are created to keep the customer updated about the order. The sms notifications are sent through sms gateways. The automated notifications are also sent to businesses and delivery persons in case the customers add new orders or modify their existing orders, and cancel or pause their subscriptions. This promotes transparency with the customers about their orders and increases the customer experience score. 

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Automated order status updates 

Order status updates like- the order placed, the order in process, and the order dispatched and shipped are automatically sent to the customers and the admin. Order “in process” means that the order is getting ready or packed for delivery. Once the order is ready, it is dispatched or handed to the delivery person. When the delivery person is on his way for making the delivery, the order is referred to as shipped. 

Customers, as well as businesses, can see these updates on their screens. Order status updates keep customers and businesses content about the orders. 

Using such sophisticated automated order management software for order fulfilment can help you manage the orders efficiently. An automated order management system makes the process seamless and increases customer gratification and reduces the churn rate.    

Did you know- 86% of customers are ready to pay more just for good customer service? 

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