What is the need for Automation in Order Management Software?

Businesses are now shifting to automated processing, have you?

Automation has streamlined business operations and allowed them to focus more on getting maximum exposure and expanding in order to penetrate the dairy market.
A study by the US Retail Survey has shown that 58% of businesses that have implied automation have experienced seamless operations and seen growth in their financial numbers.

Here is all you need to know about

  1. What is automated order management software?
  2. The benefits of using automated order management software;
  3. The impacts of not using automated order management software; and
  4. How can you automate order management to rationalize the operation?

What is automated order management software?

The automated order management system is software that allows businesses to digitally accept orders, check stock availability, and pick, and deliver orders in real time.
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Benefits of using automated order management Software in the dairy business:

  1. There is no chance of errors as the order placement or modification is done through the customer interface. The details get automatically updated on
    the business and delivery person’s system.
  2. Customers and businesses get a real-time status update on the orders. Customers are in direct contact with the delivery person removing the chances of miscommunications about the orders.
  3. Businesses get automated updates on stock availability and requirements. This allows businesses to neither go understock nor overstock.

What are the impacts of not using automated “order management software”?

Handling data and serving customers efficiently has become a big challenge as the number of customers increases and so does the number of orders.
If your business is one of them, you might be facing below issues:

  1. Difficulty in handling and processing new orders or order modification via phone or whatsapp. This can result in:
    • Mis-match in inventory
    • Chances of human error while manually maintaining the order data
    • Delivering the wrong order to the wrong customers leads to low customer satisfaction and a high churn rate
    • Loss due to wastage of product
  2. Lack of clear stock requirements required for fulfilling future orders. Both shortage or excess of stock can lead to:
    • Wastage of the product (in the case of perishable products)
    • Cancelation of orders from the business side leads to a negative customer experience
  3. Lack of transparency between the customer and delivery person because of no direct communication. The real-time ETA is not available that can:
    • Make the customers panic and anxious about their orders
    • And, reduces the customer experience
  4. The order picking, packing, and dispatching procedure is time-consuming and involves the chances of human error, and can eventually result in:
    • Delayed deliveries
    • Decreases the customer satisfaction score

This is where automated order management software is needed in order to carry out the operations seamlessly.

How can you automate your order management system?

Here are some possible solutions that can help automate the dairy business:

  1. A system that allows customers to place new orders, modify their orders, or cancel
    their orders via the customer interface. All the data is systematically stored removing the chance of human error unlike, manual updation on excel sheets.
  2. Notification about the order updates is automatically generated and sent to the customer as the order is getting ready, shipped, and delivered. These notifications are sent via push, sms, and emails. This helps in maintaining transparency between the customers and the businesses and building trust among them.

To conclude, automated order management software has simplified the order management process by consolidating it. There are many order management software available in the market, however, it is crucial to choose the right one.

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